Fermentation of tobacco.


A pilon of tobacco being rebuilt.

Fermented tobacco stored for further aging.

 Why Cans instead of boxes?

It's really quite simple~! The cans we use for our cigars protect your cigars while in transit, keep them fresher, and save you money~!

With a small foam pad at top and bottom and packed upright, cigars are less likely to suffer damage in transit.  Remember, these cigars are traveling thousands of miles and being handled by countless hands during their journey. No one wants a cigar with a crushed cap or torn wrapper, right?

The cedar sleave inside mimics that humidor-like quality to insure fresh tasty cigars from the moment you open the can to enjoy your first cigars until you remove the last one from the canister. Hermetically sealed at the factory, your cigars never suffer from humidity changes during transit and can be stored for at least 15 months with no loss of humidity. We do reccomend you humidify after opening though~!

Cans are cost effective, recycleable, and extremely strong. The multi-layered paper and foiled interior  is durable and provides a superior barrier to outside humidity changes so your cigars are always at 70 % humidity from the factory until the can is opened. Light-weight and tough, cans cost less to ship than wooden boxes which helps to reduce our costs and save you money~!!!

Quality Aged Tobaccos in several blend strengths combined with eco-friendly,  reliable, & economical packaging makes Xiphos the right choice for your cigar needs.....

  The Xiphos   Can